Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey all! Just redid the post since I post-failed last time.
Some charcoals I've done:

Some more pencil drawings from class:

These are what my current 30 to 60 sec gestures look like (after vilpuu)

Here is me giving a crack at drawing my own characters without using a reference:

These are my old quick gestures (before vilppu). Eww too much contour:

These are my current gestures that I do at work and snap a pic with my Iphone during lunch (pen and others are fake bill detecting marker LOL):

Old 20 min figure drawings that i did a while back:


  1. Hi

    Old post, but i notice this was around the time you mentioned "getting" what Vilppu taught about gestures...

    Looking at your pictures, I get the impression you were working through the natural way to draw at the same time as Vilppu (i am too) Which one did you prefer?..

    Now your further along the rd, was wondering if you could give me some pointers:

    When you draw do you do 1) Gesture then 2) Spherical/box form then 3) Flesh out the picture.....Now your more experienced do you skip a step?? I just find doing all 3 stages gets so messy on a page :-?

    Secondly what "clicked" for you on understanding Vilppu and gestures

    Thks like ur site cheers andy

  2. Let me get your email and I will happily respond. Some of the info is a bit hush hush if you catch my drift.

  3. Hi np its prayerbone at cheers

  4. Hi thks for the email,great stuff!!